Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Poll: American attitudes on Iraq similar to Vietnam era

WASHINGTON — There are enormous differences between the war in Iraq and the one in Vietnam that defined a generation. The current conflict hasn't lasted as long, taken nearly as many American lives or sparked the sort of anti-war movement that marked the '60s and '70s.
This is a rather stupid analysis of the Vietnam era and now.
McCain says that the difference is that there aren't massive demonstrations now like their were in 1970. Actually there have been. He hasn't seen it on the news, because the media doesn't cover peaceful demonstrations.
They might cover it if we started burning Washington, but we don't do that kind of thing anymore.
Better to fight smart, when possible.
Still the poll numbers concern him.
So, why do you think Americans are turning against the war, John?
It sure as hell isn't because the media has done such a great job of outing the lies and manipulation employed by the WHIG.
No, John, we are not out in the streets getting our skulls bashed in. (Sorry to disappoint you and all of the other Bushites, who would love nothing better.)
The result is the same, though. Isn't it?
If and when we do take to the streets in massive numbers (if all other methods have been exhausted, to no avail) the country will be with us, not you, war-mongers and liars. At that point, it will be political suicide to unleash the police on us with their weapons of mass destruction.


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