Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Vice President Cheney Rejects Public Accountability Yet Again

Vice President Cheney Rejects Public Accountability Yet Again


News from the DNC:

Washington, DC - The Washington Post yesterday reported that Vice President Cheney's refusal to be held accountable to the American people even extends to his office's travel costs. According to a study by the nonpartisan Center for Public Integrity, Vice President Cheney and his staff have refused to follow rules that require him to publicly disclose travel expenses of more than $250 that are paid for by outside groups, including trade groups with business before the White House.

Unlike nearly every other office within the Executive Office of the President, Vice President Cheney's office has refused to disclose reimbursed expenses related to 39 speeches he has given to think tanks, trade organizations, and academic institutions since 2001.

Democratic National Committee Communications Director Karen Finney today issued the following statement on Vice President Cheney's excessive adherence to secrecy:

"Vice President Cheney's belief that he is not accountable to anyone or anything stands in stark contrast to our nation's fundamental democratic values. What is Vice President Cheney hiding by refusing to say who he's meeting with and who is footing the bill for his trips? From his insistence that Americans have no right to know if his cronies in the oil and gas industry wrote his energy task force report to his refusal to answer questions about his role in the CIA leak scandal, Vice President Cheney apparently believes that he is free to do anything, anytime, anywhere. This is an arrogance of power in its worst form.

"Together, America can do better. The American people deserve leaders who understand that our government should be accountable to them, not to Vice President Cheney's special interest friends. President Bush should insist that his Vice President play by the rules and join Democrats in fighting for an agenda that restores honesty in government and puts the American people ahead of the special interests."


LINK: We are growing sick and tired of that jackass, Mr. Cheney. He needs to be in the dock at the Hague.


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