Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Washington Monthly

The Daily Howler reported recently that the WaPo finally printed an article pointing out that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is no raving liberal, regardless of the spin. This is just the sort of thing that makes Bob Somerby so useful - if anyone was listening:

Several thoughts about this matter: First, we again note the failure of Dems to run an effective message machine. Over the past five months, pseudo-con spinners have endlessly claimed that Republicans voted to confirm Ginsburg despite her wild-eyed, kooky ways. (In her column, Marcus debunks specific claims they have repeatedly made.) On cable, voters have heard these claims again and again-but libs and Dems have rarely offered the countervailing evidence. At present, the Democratic Party is simply unable, for whatever reason, to run a capable message machine. For that reason, we badly need leadership from the liberal web. We need to find a way to publish and push elementary info-information of the kind Marcus offers this week.


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