Monday, November 07, 2005

What's the Matter with Kansas? They voted for Roberts


The Bush Administration has conducted a lot of wars, not just the one against Iraq.

One of its major wars has been internal. It has been a war against the CIA. Because the CIA wouldn't agree to validate the shaky, likely untrue claims about Saddam's "imminent" threat to America and non-existent ties to 9/11, the Bush Administration went around the CIA to create a propaganda campaign -- based on lies -- to lead the country into war.

In addition, the Busheviks took several extraordinary moves to try and emasculate the CIA. One of these was the highly unusual repeat presence of Dick Cheney at CIA headquarters to put pressure on the agency to produce pro-war findings of fact. The second was the creation of a "back-channel" war room that produced much of the faulty rationale for the war. That was located in the Pentagon -- and involved Rumsfeld and shadowy figures like Douglas Feith. You also had fanatical ideologues like John Bolton stirring up dust about Saddam's nuclear and biological warfare capabilities.

The CIA, in fact, tried to curtail the Bushevik Neo-Con onslaught of misinformation at nearly every turn. In fact, the CIA warned the National Security Council not to include the infamous 16 word phony pronouncement about Iraq and Niger "yellow cake" in a speech prior to the State of the Union, and the White House complied. But Condoleezza Rice claims that when the State of the Union speech came up a few months later, her staff had forgotten that the statement was untrue and that's how it got in Bush's speech.

So, it was no surprise that Rove and Cheney had Congressional investigations of what wrong with the false intelligence on Iraq blame the CIA! In fact, Tenet played the fall guy and got a medal of honor from Bush for being such a good sport. It may also explain why the Busheviks went after Valerie Plame. They viewed the CIA as the enemy, however much the White House's war on our own intelligence agency endangered our national security.

That is a cursory overview that leads us up to the question Thomas Frank posed in his incisive book, "What's the Matter with Kansas." Frank argues that because the Democrats have been so afraid to challenge the Republican's skilled use of class warfare to divide Americans and attract middle and low income whites to the GOP on "values" issues while picking their pockets, the Dems have abandoned a natural constituency of their party.

We agree with Frank's brilliant, trenchant analysis. But we also contend that the people of Kansas who vote are adults -- and they have put this country in jeopardy by electing the likes of Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts as their U.S. Senators. We won't discuss the ideologically over-the-top Brownback for the moment -- because his sins are not relevant to this commentary -- but it is Roberts (Bush's "Boy Toy") who has helped put America at risk.

Pat Roberts is head of the Senate Intelligence Committee -- and he has done everything the White House has asked him to do to suppress the truth about the role of Dick Cheney, the Rumsfeld group, and Rove in fixing information about Iraq to sell the war.

Roberts toed the party line and blamed the faulty intelligence on the CIA, thus allowing Bush another PR stunt to claim that he will overhaul the "faulty" intelligence community.

Then Roberts claimed he would issue a second part to his report after the 2004 holidays, one that would deal with the White House roll. But, of course, being Bush's "boy toy," Roberts never issued the report. He never even began a second round of "investigations."

So Pat Roberts is an accomplice to the betrayal of the United States, to more than 2000 dead Americans and thousands wounded in Iraq, to the outing of a CIA operative, to the weakening ability of the CIA, and to the deteriorating national security of the United States.

People apparently love the "nice white Christian man" named Pat Roberts as one of their Republican senators in Kansas. But for those of us who know that he is sitting on the truth, we know what's the matter with Kansas.

They elect people who betray America and our national safety -- and, therefore, endanger us all. That's what is the matter with Kansas.


Let's not forget the media's role in the ignorance of so many.


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