Thursday, December 22, 2005

Amygdala has some thoughts worth examining

NO, CONSIDER THE TECHNOLOGY. An awful lot of folks seem to be absolutely sure that these sort of statements are a lie:
Bush administration officials believe it is not possible, in a large-scale eavesdropping effort, to provide the kind of evidence the court requires to approve a warrant. Sources knowledgeable about the program said there is no way to secure a FISA warrant when the goal is to listen in on a vast array of communications in the hopes of finding something that sounds suspicious. Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales said the White House had tried but failed to find a way.
It's understandable. When someone lies constantly, reflexively, and without remorse, to you, it's natural to assume that it's happening again when you can't make sense of their answer.

But I explained why the answer is perfectly plausible -- for now -- here, after the transcript part.

Of course, this doesn't mean that these aren't lies. And certainly plenty of other lies are and will be made about so many, many, many things by this Administration.

But it's important, to get to the truth, to not let reflexes get in the way. It's important to consider the possibilities. And the probability that they are using a technology set that, in fact, does not allow for obtaining FISA warrants seems to me -- and more and more people -- quite high. Again, see what I wrote here (just below this post if you're reading via front page or archive page).

From the Noah Schactman post I previously linked to and told you to read the links, Bill Arkin:


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