Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Another choice for Junior....

Wednesday, December 21:

Juicy bits from the cable networks last night... -- (Warning: The following question by Andrea Mitchell may cause your head to explode. Please wear a shower cap while reading...just in case.) Andrea Mitchell: What do you think Americans really need to be worried about more...a terror attack or someone going into their hard drives and intercepting their emails? [I don't think the Constitution leaves it as a choice, Andrea?]


What is it with the Right and all of the false choices they are always throwing around?

We were told; you are with us or against us? What? Did it ever occur to Der Monkey that there are a whole bunch of people who could not care less, one way or the other?

Would you rather have Saddam still in power? This question is always asked when anyone nails the Bushites down about lying us into war. War or Saddam were not the only choices, Dumb-asses!

Well, here is another choice for you you, Georgie:

It is America or you and your gang of thugs.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it! It can't be any worse than whatever the hell else you have been smoking, drinking or snorting.



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