Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"Bush is sweating bullets and he should be"

Watch for all kinds of machinations, if it looks like there will, indeed, be hearings into the the latest incident of Fascism Creep.
We can expect a full frontal assault on Democrats, Independents, and Republicans who put country above party, or their own political ambitions.
We may well see a few terrorist alerts.
We may even be treated to another appearance by "Osama-in-the-Box." (Always set to pop up when it will do the most good for BushCo; remember last year's appearance, right before the election, deriding Bush for his fascination with the Pet Goat story, while Manhattan burned..?)
If there are hearings, they will be made so secret, that even elected officials will be threatened with the firing squad should they tell the people anything about what is said inside the hearing room. 
We should not stand for that! We are the ones being spied on. It is our business.
We can also expect a Rove engineered smear and pressure campaign by the wing-nut brigade, directed at moderate or, at least, decent, Republicans.
If the going gets tough enough, there may well be another "terrorist" attack. This is, now, literally about no less than saving the Bush presidency.
How many of you have heard the veiled threats? Have you listened to what they are saying?
We cannot afford to be without the Patriot Act for even a moment, or a day.
If the president is stripped of his (assumed) powers to spy on Americans, within the U.S., and there is another attack, it will be the fault of the Democrats and anyone else who opposes us.
Seems that the groundwork is being laid.
I doubt seriously that there is anything these people won't do to protect their power and their agenda, whatever that really is.
That is why it is now necessary to get the word out that we are expecting something, hopefully preventing the Bushites from doing something they will see as really suicidal for them.
Americans must face the fact, that they can easily become collateral damage in the war to save the NeoCon agenda and Bushite power. 
(Do not doubt for a moment that this is war; civil war. It is swiftly moving to an us or them situation, with our country and our constitution at stake.)
We have to shout it from the roof tops: If Americans are hit, anywhere on American soil, every lying SOB in the Bush administration, and their enablers in Congress will be hit too, and hard.
Now is the time to re-visit 9/11. Make it damn clear that we, in massive numbers, do not believe the official Conspiracy Theory.
Time to begin hammering away on the Anthrax missives. Why are we in Iraq, when we cannot even find the Anthrax killer right here in the U.S., where the special strain of Anthrax originated, and was sent to Democrats and the so-called liberal media, only.
It no longer can matter to any of us that some will call us crazy, nut-job, conspiracy theorists. It is apparent, now, that there are conspiracies, many of them, within the Bush administration.
Write to members of Congress and the media. Hell, write to you Governor...anyone and everyone.
If it becomes apparent to all involved that there is great suspicion in the land, and that the Bushites are considered a greater threat than any out-side agents of terror, they will think long and hard about sacrificing anymore of our countrymen for their own selfish agendas.
We need to make it clear that while they may get away with only censure or impeachment now, if they do anything stupid, they will all fry for it.
If they are monitoring blogs, emails, phone calls, etc., we should give them something to think about.
If they are suspected of being behind another disaster like 9/11, martial law will not save them. Not in this country.


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