Thursday, December 15, 2005

Does Bush Support Right-Wing Attacks On Jews?

December 15, 2005

Does Bush Support Right-Wing Attacks On Jews?

Last week I wrote about Republicans Dropping the Code-Word "Liberals" and Accusing Jews Directly. It continues today at

The sad fact is that the ACLU is made up in good part of Jews, and it is that organization and its lawyers who are leading the assault against Christmas.

... Unfortunately, as is so often the case with black Americans, those who are high- profile and get most of the media attention are the radicals and the rabble-rousers. When my critics accused me of promoting anti-Semitism, I pleaded not guilty. I asked them if they thought that gentiles were so stupid that, until I wrote my piece, they didn’t recognize that there is a secular jihad underway in this country to remove Christ from Christmas.

Do we get condemnation of this stuff from the "uniter not divider" Bush Administration? Does he show that he is President of the United States, not just of the Republican Party?

Condemnation? No, after last week's attack on Jews Bush's response is to send his Secretary of State to honor the Heritage Foundation:

Seems Bush supports right-wing anything over anyone else, except his true base, the super wealthy


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