Tuesday, December 13, 2005

DoubleTake / Points of Entry

NEWPORT NEWS, Virginia - DoubleTake, the influential magazine of documentary and literary arts, has done a double-take of its own, returning to publication in January 2006, by combining forces with another journal, Points of Entry: Cross-Currents in Storytelling. The merger will produce a new magazine with the familiar look and mission of the old DoubleTake, but also an interest in narrative journalism in both the newsroom and classroom. DoubleTake was founded in 1995, and went on a publishing hiatus in 2003. The union of DoubleTake with Points of Entry will increase the audience of the two magazines to serve not only general readers interested in documentary work in narrative and photography, fi ction and poetry, but practitioners such as teachers, journalists and writers. As Robert Coles noted in the fi rst issue of his magazine in 1995, “We regard the magazine as an educational institution and the teachers and librarians of the country are, for us, colleagues.”

Johns Hopkins University Press Journals Division distributes DoubleTake/Points of Entry (www.press.jhu.edu/journals). The new magazine-format journal is the joint effort of Dr. Robert Coles, well-known for his own documentary work, and Terry Lee and Roberta Rosenberg, the founding editors of Points of Entry, a journal that shared Coles's vision of honoring the subjects of documentary work. “It's important to keep a magazine like this before the reading public,” Coles said of the new magazine, which is housed in the Department of English at Christopher Newport University, where both Lee and Rosenberg teach. Coles, the author of over 60 books, is the James Agee Professor of Social Ethics at Harvard University.

Like its predecessors, DoubleTake/Points of Entry seeks to look past stereotypes while presenting discussions among writers, journalists and photographers about the craft of storytelling in word and image. “We value work that is the result of thoughtful and patient observation of our world,” Lee said, “in nonfiction, photography, fiction and poetry.” Rosenberg believes the goal of the magazine is to expand readers' perceptions, “The magazine wants to help us all see others without preconceptions interfering. Our goal is to have readers " do a doubletake" as they experience topics from a surprising or unanticipated perspective.”

DoubleTake / Points of Entry is a print magazine-format journal published bi-annually from its editorial offices in the English department at Christopher Newport University, in Newport News, Virginia and distributed by The Johns Hopkins Press.

For additional information about the magazine, subscription rates and editorial/submission policies, please see www.press.jhu.edu/journals or www.doubletakecommunity.org.


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