Sunday, December 11, 2005

Elbaradei warns Israel on attacking Iran N-sites

LONDON, December 11 (IranMania) - Director General of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohammad Elbaradei warned the Zionist' regime on any military attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, IRNA said.

Following his recent Noble Peace Prize and speaking to an Oslo daily Afetnposten he said "There can be no success in thwarting any nation' access on nuclear program by attacking their facilities because military forays will merely delay their programs, but they will come back after a while and want to take revenge."

He further called for nuclear states to set a good example for other nations.

Some nations which do not posses nuclear weapons, due to their feeling of insecurity against nuclear-rich countries want to acquire atomic armaments and hence those who have nuclear weapons should set a good example for others, IRNA noted.

One cannot tell other nations that nuclear facilities are dangerous and then opt for producing nuclear weapons, "similar to if, I as a smoker cannot tell my children not to smoke."

The US and Russia have the biggest arsenal of nuclear weapons and so should be an example for others, IRNA added.

He also warned on terrorist groups in obtaining nuclear weapons.

"We are informed that some terrorist groups have formidable capabilities in carrying out advanced operations and have witnessed in the past that they have been strident in their efforts to get radioactive material and even tried to test them in Afghanistan.

"We also know of smuggling of nuclear material and now the discussion is over the demand and supply in the illegal nuclear market," Elbaradei added.

Director General of the IAEA ElBaradei said Tuesday that he hoped to resolve outstanding issues with regard to Iran's nuclear program by next year.

The UN nuclear watchdog chief expressed his views during a speech to the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in London, when he referred to the IAEA's inspection programme in Iran, IRNA stated.

He said that it had been 'difficult' and 'frustrating at times' in what he called putting together a 'puzzle' about Iran's nuclear program.

Most of the issues had been resolved, but there was 'important parts still missing', ElBaradei said, referring to work required in going to some of Iran's military sites, interviewing people and seeing document.

"After three years, we need to bring this to a close," he said, but expressed hope that it would be 'concluded by next year' when the case could be brought to a close.

The IAEA director general was delivering a speech on 'Reflections on Nuclear Challenges Today' after being invited to give the annual IISS Alastair Buchan Memorial Lecture, named after the 47-year old think-tank's first director, IRNA added.

Just in case anyone is listening, we would warn Israel as well.


If you do, you will be one of it's first victims.



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