Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Qualms about anti-terror law unite the left and right

All (provisions) are convenient for law enforcement. All have already been abused.

This year's rewrite fails to solve these problems and, in fact, would add provisions that have nothing to do with terrorism (see box at right).

Leahy is a useful barometer of just how troubling the latest legislation is.

Today, the former prosecutor is leading a bipartisan coalition in the Senate seeking to block renewal of some of the Patriot Act's most controversial provisions until more is done to curb the potential for assaults on privacy and civil liberties. "This much unchecked power doesn't make us any safer," Leahy told us Tuesday. "It makes us less safe. ... Ultimately, you're secure only if you maintain basic liberties."

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Just a thought; wonder if the Patriot Act (talk about Orwellian terms) would have passed so easily if Democrats had not had Anthrax flying around their offices at the time it was passed.


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