Thursday, December 15, 2005

Reader Contribution: I hope our soldiers are watching

by LE

A few Americans -- who appear not to understand the true appeal of democracy -- have warned us to watch what we say, that our soldiers are watching what we say, and our enemies are, too.

Well, I certainly hope so. If our soldiers are watching dissent in America, they will be proud to be fighting for that right; they will be proud they live in a land where citizens can criticize their government and disagree publicly with their government.

If our enemies are watching, they may learn what makes us different from them: We are not required to think whatever the government tells us to think; we are not required to say our government is right in all it does, if we don't believe it is.

This is democracy at work, and I hope our soldiers are watching it work. And I hope our enemies can see the great example we are setting, that we have a better form of government -- one in which The People are sovereign, and we delegate to our rulers only those powers our Constitution provides to them so they can rule effectively and fairly.

Yes, I hope the whole world is watching democracy at work here in America.


Comment: IF, and that seems a pretty big "if" at this point, our Democracy works this time, we can all hope our enemies, whoever they actually are, are watching.


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