Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Real Reason for Nuking Iran

'The strategic decision by the United States to nuke Iran was probably made long ago. Tactics adjust to unpredictable events as they unfold.

'Because Iran's intended underlying message to the U.S., which was ill-timed only in appearance, was: If you nuke us, the world will know that you did it because Iran supports the Palestinian cause.

'Instead, it is in the U.S.' interests to de-emphasize any suggestion to that effect, hence its low-key response. Because nuking Iran for threatening Israel will inflame the Arab world and will not be acceptable to our European allies nor even to the American public. There are many other justifications that the Western world and the American public will find more acceptable, and these will be emphasized by the Bush administration at the right moment.' ( article).

Iran's president seems to have a death wish, which may make all of this null and void. He even scares the shit out of the Europeans
His treatment of women is not winning him any friends either, nor his human rights record in general, except with other hardliners.
I am not sure that the global community would sit still for actually Nuking Iran. I know I wouldn't.
But the Iranian president is helping Bush and Blair make the case for some kind of attack.


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