Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Rice Staff: Wing-dings are pure torture.

I'm hardly a puritan when it comes to fluff stories -- especially at a time of relentlessly bad news. But something about WaPo correspondent Robin Wright's lengthy article complaining about food served on Air Force Two smacks of bad taste:

Of all the contentious issues on any trip by the secretary of state, food tops the list. Despite the heroic efforts of dedicated and good-natured military crews to craft miracles from abysmal menus, Air Force Two's food has become notorious.

Hmm, I could swear there was one other "contentious issue" dogging Condi on her trip. Let's see, what was it ...

Almost everyone has a story, comment or recommendation. "I don't think you understand the depth of hatred for wing-dings among the staff," said Jim Wilkinson, one of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's inner circle. "We're not sure what kind of wings they are. Some people hate the meatballs, but most hate the wing-dings. They violate the laws of war, the Geneva Convention and the international convention on torture. They're sooo bad." [WaPo via Wonkette]

Right! That's what I was thinking of: wing-dings.

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