Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What Steve Says: AAACK! the Twelve Days of Chistmas

From the Bah Humbug Department:
Lyrical Torture
I want to report an crime against humanity. No not the death penalty. It's worse. It's the repeated playing of the Christmas ballad,
The Twelve Days of Christmas. This maniacal song was clearly written by someone suffering from advanced obsessive compulsive shopping disorder -- and a serious stutter.

Seriously, has there  EVER been a more annoying song? Even the Chipmunks Christmas songs pale by comparison. If the US wants to make al Qaida prisoners talk, throw away the water boards and thumb screws. Just pipe The Twelve Days of Christmas into their cells.

After three weeks of being forced to listen to this song's shopping list from hell, I have reached the breaking point myself. 

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...and add to this, the everlasting War on Christmas hysteria, and you have all the makings for a very merry "Hell-i-day."


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