Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Aravosis is declaring war; about time, too.

Any company that responds to pressure from the American Family Association is endorsing the bigotry and prejudice detailed below

by John in DC - 1/17/2006 02:57:00 PM

Bigotry from the American Family Association, it's not just for gays and Jews anymore.

Hard to imagine that anyone in corporate America would want to cozy up with an organization that is this intolerant. Anyone out there being boycotted or threatened by the AFA, do pass these quotes from them along and ask your corporation whether THIS is the kind of racist vitriol your company wants to endorse by cozying up to the AFA. Because if you do drop your advertising, or drop your support for any American minority community as a result of the AFA's pressure, this is exactly the message you are putting your corporate seal of approval on.

I really need to dissect
this entire article from the AFA propaganda organ, just to give you the full flavor of how bigoted these people are - this came out today:
Title: Former Muslim Claims 'Deception' Key in Rise in European Converts to Islam
See, they created "ex-gays" out of thin air and now they've created "ex-Muslims." Original.
A Christian evangelist who was involved with Islam for 15 years says she understands why a growing number of European women are converting to the false religion. Speaking from experience, she claims it is primarily because the women are being deceived -- by Muslim men.
Well, she wasn't really "involved" with Islam, it was more a casual dating thing. She saw other religions, Islam saw other religions, you get it. As for the second sentence, ah yes, those crafty Muslim men, why, dear God, why are our women-folk so gullible?!
"The way Islam treats any woman, why does any woman ... convert? Because these [Muslim] men are deceivers," she asserts. "It's like you have to go back to the Garden of Eden: Eve was deceived by the serpent."
Ah, now we learn that Muslim men, categorically and across the board, are "deceivers" like "serpents." Maybe the Europeans could set up concentration camps? Or just use the secret American ones in Eastern Europe!
Cati believes Muslim men have a deceptive spirit and will tell unsuspecting women anything they want to hear to get them to convert. "They twist the word of God on these women, on any women, on anybody, and they use deception," she says. "They have a lying, deceptive spirit."
Ah yes, those Muslim men and their "deceptive spirit." I hear it's in their genes. And yet again, those poor white women, so deceived, so innocent, so gullible to a dark guy with a serpent.
The Christian Science Monitor article suggests that one reason for the increase of Muslim converts among white European women may be due to the fact that security monitors and police are "more relaxed" about them and less likely to consider them terrorist risks
Oh, so Muslims like to marry white chicks so they can use them as terrorists and not be caught. Who knew?
But Cati believes there is another reason why Islamic leaders want as many European women as possible to convert.

"They can marry them, have more children, populate the earth, and spread Islam in that way," she says. "It's the same M.O. anywhere they go."
The same M.O. Those crafty Muslims. Screw our "white women" - by the way, who knew the rest of the non-Muslim world was exclusively "white" and that all Muslims were dark-skinned? - pump out babies, and I guess use those babies as little white baby terrorists to trick our unsuspecting white policemen into letting them on our big white airplanes where they can kill the entire white world. Sieg Heil!

Sorry, got swept up in the moment.

So which American companies have endorsed the AFA's bigoted message against Muslims, Jews and gays by removing their ads from the TV show "The Book of Daniel," as the AFA has demanded? You're either with them or you're against them, corporate America - so which one of you has sided with this kind of bigotry?

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