Sunday, January 29, 2006

Fear Avian (Bird) Flu Plans -- Not Flu Itself

EDITOR'S NOTE: Even the U.S. State Dept. is promoting the
Avian Flu Hoax Conspiracy

Fear of bird flu is causing people -- and their response plans -- to act irrationally. The following article with its description of quarantine areas being set aside, and closing of schools and businesses which could include power companies, phone companies, etc is much more scary to me than H5N1.


Major efforts to prevent bird flu from arriving on our shores or at least to make timely identification should it arrive, ought to be what we are reading about.

Bird Flu is an ANIMAL outbreak at this time, an agriculturial outbreak if you prefer, and there needs to be efforts to stamp it out and/or prevent it from spreading among animals. And the government needs to remember swine should be included in planning protocols.


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