Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Framing the Swiftboaters

If we imagine for a moment that politics is theater, would anyone try to perform a play on a stage set for another?

Even worse than that, consider the fate of the lead actor midway through a performance of Death of a Salesman who was suddenly whisked away by the stage manager, pushed onstage in the middle of an adjacent performance of Macbeth, and told that he had to, nonetheless, finish the final act of the play he had prepared, in character.

What a ridiculous situation! And yet, as I discussed yesterday, this is exactly what happens to Democrats when they are 'swiftboated' by Republicans. To stop 'swiftboaters' from destroying the candidacies of more and more top notch Americans running for office, Democrats must take the initiative now to make sure that these candidates can set and stay on their own stage--in their own frame.

The key to cracking down on the swiftboaters is to reframe the entire political system in moral terms. They key is to start describing the swiftboaters as 'gangs.'

But before we do that, a few things need to be in order...

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