Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How Swiftboating works and how to stop it.

With origins in the defamatory 2004 ad campaigns against John Kerry by the dubious Swift Vets and POWs for Truth, the word 'swiftboating' has become insider progressive jargon for political ad campaigns that smear Democratic war vets as traitors and enemies.'

Who would do such a thing? Only Republicans engage in swiftboating. It is a political tactic used for one purpose: to intimidate Democrats. As I write, dozens of Democrats are being swiftboated across the country, the most prominent Among them being U.S. Marine veteran Rep. John Murtha (D-PA). As we head into the 2006 mid-term elections--a campaign season marked by an unprecedented number of military veterans running as Democrats--there will be more swiftboating campaigns launched by Republcans than hurricanes against the Gulf Coast. And many Democratic candidates faced with these assualts will lose the battle.

But how does swiftboating work? What is it about swiftboating that makes it so effective with Democrats? If we take some time now to consider this question, we might be able to find some effective solutions that will render swiftboating a thing of the past.

In every instance, attention to framing helps us understand what happens in a swiftboat campaign, and helps Democrats find ways to turn back the assault.

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As an Independent, it is the notion of swift-boating, period, that causes me to want to drag out the bazookas, no matter at whom the venomous, false attacks are launched.

Swift-boating should not have to be framed as immoral, gang-like behavior. It is!

But , the moralists in this country seem to not recognize truly immoral behavior when they see it. So frame, we must.

Actually, I have a few suggestions as to how to stop it, but they would be a "last resort."

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