Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's the 4th Amendment, STUPID!

Wed Jan 25, 2006 at 09:50:14 AM PDT

As I posted yesterday nearly every Georgetown University Law student allowed to participate (only five rows were set aside for student's) in the Bush administrations truly "offensive" defensive forum, were able to finally express in action what most of us have been feeling for the last 5 years. The most surprising thing to me was that they were allowed to participate in this staged event at all.

As Attorney General Alberto Gonzales began his specious defense of the Bush administrations illegal and un-Constitutional NSA warrant less spy program student after student rose and turned their backs on AG. Some donned Abu Ghraib style black hoods while holding a banner that read "Those who would sacrifice Liberty for security deserve neither," most simply stood in open defiance of this administrations criminal policies.

As the SOTU approaches it appears as if the frustration, the concern, the outrage that the majority of Americans have been experiencing has finally found a voice in these law students silence. Now if we can only translate that momentum of civil disobedience into our elected representatives.

I hold no expectations that a Thoreau like figure will rise from the gallery as Bush smirks, scowls, and then turns into a quivering mass of facial ticks as one after another state and local representative rises, turns their back on him, and silently hang their heads in mourning for the loss of what this country once stood for. But just the thought, the unrealistic possibility that it might happen has put a determined smile on my face. Now is the time for all of us to act in the ways we can to carry this momentum of civil disobedience forward.

1.) There will certainly be some backlash to these students actions as well heeled conservative Alumni calls in to the GULS Deans office to bitch and moan and threaten to with hold future donations. Theirs can not be the only voice the Dean hears:

T. Alexander Aleinikoff

Phone: 202-662-9031
Email: Continued


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