Monday, January 23, 2006

Medicare Confusion Widespread

...and why is anyone surprised by this?

Medicare D is the answer to the social security/medicare crisis.

Kill off the old, disabled and poor folks, and the problems goes away.

"D" stands for Death

By The Associated Press

HARD TO UNDERSTAND: More than half, 52 percent, in an AP-Ipsos poll say the new Medicare drug program is hard to understand. Seniors and those who have enrolled in the program were likely to admit to confusion.

CHOOSING A PROGRAM: Those who want to enroll have to pick from among dozens of programs with extensive lists of available drugs. Pharmacists and agencies serving the elderly have been overwhelmed with questions.

MULTIPLE PROBLEMS: In addition to confused consumers, the prescription drug program has had problems with Medicaid patients cut off from their old prescription drugs but unable to sign up for the new Medicare benefit.



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