Monday, January 30, 2006

Scary times

On the verge of disasters

by Carol Wolman

We are on the verge, of fascism, of nuclear war, of runaway global warming. If Alito is confirmed, fascism may be inevitable. If Israel and/or the US mininuke Iran, all out nuclear war may follow. If a concerted international effort isn't made now to stop global warming, the planet may become uninhabitable in a few years.

It's hard to look at these realities and remain calm. The tendency to panic is great. Bush and company offer a way out- rely on us and we will protect you, or else Jesus will come and you will escape the tribulation on his rapture starship.

We DO need a savior. The times are out of control, and we need to turn to our higher power, and acknowledge that we are powerless over the situation (step 1 in AA).

Many traditions contain prophecies about these end times. In almost all of them, a savior appears who teaches the people how to make peace and to work together to avert disaster. For instance, Deganawidah, with his helper Hiawatha, taught the warring Iroquois tribes how to cooperate and live together in harmony. Our US Constitution is partly based on theirs.

The Muslims await the Mahdi, the Buddhists await Maitreya, the Hopi await Pahana, and Christians wait for Jesus. Can the returning Messiah/Mahdi/Maitreya really reverse global warming, stop the warmongers and teach us peace?

Mark 4: 37-41A violent squall came up and waves were breaking over the boat,
so that it was already filling up.
Jesus was in the stern, asleep on a cushion.

They woke him and said to him,
“Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?”
He woke up,
rebuked the wind,
and said to the sea, “Quiet! Be still!”
The wind ceased and there was great calm.
Then he asked them, “Why are you terrified?
Do you not yet have faith?”
They were filled with great awe and said to one another,
“Who then is this whom even wind and sea obey?”

If we keep our faith, remain calm, and continue to work for the messianic values of truth, justice, peace and love, we can yet save the planet.

In the name of the Prince of Peace, Carol Wolman

Carol S. Wolman, MD is a psychiatrist in Northern California. A lifelong peace activist, she has written extensively on the psychology of our times. She is actively working to impeach Bush and Cheney, and invites you to print out a letter to Bush from Rep. John Conyers, informing Bush that censure and impeachment are underway. You can collect signatures and fax them to your representative and to Conyers. She also suggests you join or form a local group at



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