Monday, January 30, 2006

Ten Questions That No One Bothered to Ask Americans About Sam Alito


On Sunday, BuzzFlash ran an editorial that included ten questions no one bothered to ask Americans about Sam Alito .

If Senator Barack Obama, as BuzzFlash was the first to report last week, has strong reservations about the filibuster, he might instead consider using it to answer these ten questions for Americans and educate them about the radical, extremism of Sam Alito.

Americans want a Constitutional government of checks and balances. It doesn't want an imperial presidency. It doesn't want its privacy rights invaded. It doesn't want Congress turned into a rubber stamp body.

So, Senator Obama, sometimes the nation can't be purple, sometimes it's the principles of democracy that count, not catchphrases.

Here, again are the ten questions that no one bothered to ask American citizens about the Sam Alito who would grant a President the powers of a king. We rebelled against this in 1776. Americans need to know what they are getting, Senator Obama.

Will you help them learn the truth -- and stand up for principle and democracy and not the color purple?

1) Do you believe that a President of the United States should be allowed to break the law?

2) Do you believe that the balance of powers enshrined in our Constitution should be changed to make the President much more powerful, giving him the right to interpret the law as he sees fit?

3) Do you believe in altering our Constitutional system of checks and balances?

4) Do you believe that the federal government should be prohibited from regulating the individual possession of machine guns?

5) Do you believe that the Federal Bench should inhibit voting rights?

6) Do you believe that the police can strip-search a ten-year old girl even though there is no warrant to perform such an action and the girl is not implicated in any illegal activity?

7) Do you believe that the Federal and local governments have a right to violate your privacy?

8) Do you believe that the Federal government should be prohibited from enforcing laws that clean up our environment?

9) Do you believe that the Federal government should be prohibited from protecting the health, safety and welfare of its citizens?

10) Do you believe that a Supreme Court nominee who lies to or misleads Congress during his hearings should be confirmed?

Now, we suspect that if you asked the above 10 questions, more than 75% of Americans would answer "No," meaning that they would oppose Alito. That's because Alito would answer "Yes" to all these questions, if he were to answer them truthfully in a confession booth. (See

75% of the American public. It's pure speculation based on common sense, but that's a landslide against the judicial policies of Alito.

The problem with the polling that the media, Republicans, and entrenched Democrats use to justify the "myth of the Center" is that they are polls based on misinformation. In most of the polls, when people are informed of actual positions or facts that they are unaware of, their responses shift dramatically away from the "perceived center" all the way over toward many of the positions advocated by the so-called "fiery liberals."

Even on the question of choice and Roe v. Wade, 2/3's of respondents shifted against Alito when informed of his anti-choice judicial convictions in a recent poll.

So we say to Senator Obama and the other confrontation-averse Democrats, the appeasers instead of the people who define democracy by exposing the truth behind the Republican assault on our Constitution, we say to you what Senator Feingold recently proclaimed.

It is a quote from Benjamin Franklin, "They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." And for so many of the Democrats in the Senate, they mistake caution for political safety, when Bush is making Congress irrelevant -- and they are assisting him.

Last week, George W. Bush not only boasted of his illegal wiretapping, he is still bragging about how he will continue to do it. Sam Alito supports such "unitary executive" actions.

Senator Obama, now is no time to give up our "essential liberty."

Ask the ten questions about Sam Alito, Senator Obama. Educate the American public. Don't become just another Democratic who lets the Republicans define the debate.

Ask the questions. That's what a filibuster is for. Let the American people know the truth.




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