Saturday, January 28, 2006

Who Gets Eaten?

Humanity and language are sacrificed at the altar of a never ending war. It need not be this way.

Big Brother brainwashes his subjects, rewrites their history and deadens their language, but his broadest means of control is the waging of war, or of what passes for war.

—E.L. Doctorow

Watering down the language and re-writing history accomplish a single objective. Both acts steal your identity and your humanity. What you are literally "robbed" of is "you", what you are! There is no more profound theft.

Listen to a "gopper" talk; or —if you can stomach it —read something written by Orrin Hatch. Is this string of near meaningless platitudes and monotonous prattle in any way human?

We are thus dehumanized so that a privileged few will benefit from the perpetual war that George W. Bush admits he intends to wage.

What language is spoken by the Republican party? It's like Newspeak but dumber, less clever. It is most certainly not the English language I revere.


And history! It is re-written to be sure, but the methods and the implications go even further.

GOPPERS don't merely have a different view or a different "opinion" of U.S. History. They have a different history entirely, a GOP version. Likewise, the religious right teaches a "history" that bears no relationship to anything known about the Roman Empire, the Middle East, or early Europe.

For the most part it's a complete fabrication given weight because it's repeated ad nauseum by the descendents of snake oil salesmen, medicine show charlatans, tent revivalists, and wild west shows.

How much of this is mere perception? Gestalt psychologists interpret human perception in terms of "figures" separated from a "ground" I.e. The totatality of sense experience. GOPPERS don't merely separate a different "figure"; they see a different "ground".

Perhaps GOP brains are wired differently. Perhaps the human race is evolving into two separate species —just as H.G. Wells predicted. Eloi and GOPPERS. Guess who gets eaten!

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