Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Americans do care about spying; a lot!

Do Americans care whether the government spies on its citizens?

A number of polls on Bush's warrantless wiretaps have been published in the past two weeks and, in predictable fashion, proponents of the president's controversial program have trotted them out as evidence of widespread public support. But do the polls actually show us that the American people support the program? Not really. All the polls show is that Americans want a lot of things—protection from terrorism, as well as civil liberties and checks and balances—and their opinions on these subjects are more complex than a simple poll can suggest. [more]

We care a lot about spying and lying.

As a matter of fact, we consider both impeachable offenses, at the very least.

To lie to the citizens of a Democracy, especially about something as important as taking this country to war (a war of aggresssion), invasion and occupation of another counry is the worst kind of betrayal. It is lethal to Democracy, to our constitution and our way of life.

Osama could not dream of such destruction!

...and you can bet that more is about to be revealed about the Bush domestic spy program!

We have not heard about even half of that "un-American activity," if you will pardon the phrase.

Take the Pledge: "I will not vote for anyone who is against impeachment."


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