Monday, February 06, 2006

Bunch's Law: How the media gets it all wrong about bloggers getting it all wrong...and a proposed solution

Everyone knows the difference between bloggers and "real journalists." Journalists are the once who thoroughly check out everything they write. Bloggers are the ones who make stuff up.

After all, it was a blogger who wrote this morning that, "In perhaps the biggest upset of the night, the Rolling Stones changed the lyrics of one of their most popular songs, "Start Me Up," to remove a sexual reference," when it was widely known that the offending word was actually bleeped out by the NFL's censors.

And we all know that it took a real journalist, and not a blogger, to uncover that the Bush administration said in 2002 that the existing FISA law on domestic spying was "working well" while it continued to claim in 2005 that the law had been long outdated and needed circumventing.

Wait a minute -- I must have put my blogging hat this morning. I just got that all wrong.

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