Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Communism, Peronism, Nazism, Francoism, Mussoliniism, Bushism....


Communism, Peronism, Nazism, Francoism, Mussoliniism, Bushism: They are all the same. The underlying ideologies may be different, but they all are based on cult worship of a leader combined with an all-powerful control of the government over the people.

In the biggest bait and switch in the history of this great nation, Bush and Cheney promise democracy, while they consolidate the dictatorial powers that are the standard hallmark of an "ism" behind the scenes.

In this world of "isms," the absolute rulers are above the law, not even responsible for shooting people (likely while intoxicated).

It's the kind of historical injustice that the founders of this country revolted against in 1776. Only today we are surrounded by Tories (Republicans) and enablers (Democrats in Congressional leadership). The true patriots of our time are rendered inoperative by a combination of character assassination and a media that has merged politics into entertainment, advertising, partisan shilling, and triviality.

Cheney hunts quail put in front of him like fish in a pond, and he still can't tell the difference between a domesticated bird and a Texas crony lawyer.

The bigger problem is that we are all in Cheney's sights.

Take care, now, and duck whenever you see him coming.




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