Friday, February 10, 2006

Do, "We, the people" have to arrest the Bushites ourselves?

Bush wants us saddled with every other responsibility on earth, except, of course, parenting our own children, which might interfere with our duties as greedy little serfs or poor serfs. That should be left to government enforced Faith-based initiatives by the Southern Baptist Convention, the Moonies or whichever is the state religion of the month.
We, apparently, live in a do it yourself Democracy; mainly because the people we elect and pay to do it, are busy worshiping their own god, the Cash Cow of K Street.
Citizens used to have a right to make their own arrests if a heinous crime was witnessed and there was no one else around to make the arrest. Well, apparently there is no one else around, or if so, they are all deaf, dumb and blind and, therefore, no longer fit for duty, and I really cannot imagine a much worse crime than any one of the many committed by this administration.
I wonder, is that law still on the books?
Maybe that is what all the over-fed, over-paid, under-witted in D.C. are waiting for: We, the people, to make an arrest!
Does anyone know where to buy handcuffs by the dozens?
By Richard Cohen
Wednesday, February 8, 2006; 6:15 PM

An odd thing happened in Washington this week. The Senate Judiciary Committee questioned Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on whether the president has the authority to intercept international phone calls without first seeking a warrant. Very few people believe that the president has that authority -- which is different than asking whether he should have that authority -- but Gonzales, who is almost entirely a creation of George W. Bush, insisted the president does. He presented, by way of proving his point, this overwhelming piece of evidence: Bush has done it.

The argument in favor of the National Security Agency intercepts is consistent with those that took us to war in Iraq. They are all a collection, an assemblage, a concatenation of fibs, exaggerations, misinterpretations, selected evidence, hype, false leads, vile suggestions, felonious deletions and the like, which marched us to Baghdad where we remain to this day. Gonzales, an apparatchik, lacks the courage of his mendacity. If he were to tell the truth .. never mind, it won't happen.

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