Friday, February 03, 2006

Former U.S. official admits to kickbacks in Iraq -

whodmxzWASHINGTON - A former U.S. occupation official in Iraq pleaded guilty Thursday to conspiring to steal more than $2 million and rigging bids on $8.6 million in reconstruction contracts.

Robert J. Stein, 50, of Fayetteville, N.C., admitted that he and his coconspirators smuggled millions of dollars out of Iraq into the United States aboard commercial airliners and laundered cash through multiple bank accounts in Switzerland, Amsterdam and Romania.

Stein was a Defense Department employee who served as a contract official for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, controlling more than $82 million in funds slated for rebuilding the Middle Eastern country.

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Why on this God's green earth was this felon on the U.S. defence payroll to begin with?

Is anyone really at all concerned with national security? Does the Bush government seem like it is really doing all it can for homeland security?

Sure as hell doesn't seem so to to us!

So far, just off the tops of our pointy heads we can cite such insane, inane, ghastly appointments such as Elliot Abrams and John Poindexter of Iran/Contra fame, Kissinger, who cannot even set foot in some countries for fear of being arrested.

Then there is Colin Powell, who has been carrying the Whitewash bucket for Rethugs since My Lai.

Oh, and let us not forget about the aborted apointment of Bernard Kerik, friend to Gangsters Bush and Rudy G..

Seems to us that many of the Rethug criminals, past and present, are alive and well in the Bush administration.

Do Americans have ADHD so severely that they cannot even keep up with Republican crooks and murderers from only a few years back?

HINT: Google Bush, Iran Contra, Nazi banker, October surprise, BCCI, Negroponte ....and on and on; the list is endless.

But that is enough to get you started on your own research. Please, whatever you do, do not completely trust us or anyone else, especially the Rethugs, but don't ccompletely trust the Democrats either, especially when it comes to courage and strength.

Do your own research!


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