Monday, February 06, 2006

Gonzales Not Sworn In During Wiretap Hearings (UPDATED)

This independent voter has the same reaction as our reader "Elrod" who left a comment under another post and says it better than we could:

Just curious but why did [Senator Arlen] Specter insist that [Attorney General Alberto] Gonzalez not be sworn in? I know that lying to Congress is illegal in its own rights, but Janet Reno was told to swear in when she testified, and Gonzalez indicated that he had no objections to it. After the controversy over the oil execs who lied to Congress about meeting with Cheney's energy task force, why wouldn't Specter just let Gonzalez swear in and move on from there?
Yes, you'd think that there would be every possible effort made so that administration officials appear credible. TMV raised an eyebrow as well. Gonzales was wise in offering to be sworn in but something like this leaves all but true-blue GOP partisans thinking that if Gonzales isn't sworn in and the GOP doesn't want him to be sworn in there's a reason for it. And that reason doesn't increase credibility one iota.

We're going to wait until the day is over before we digest the testimony. The non-swearing in has given us a bit of early indigestion.

Here's VIDEO
of the refusal to swear him in.

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