Wednesday, February 08, 2006

GOP Secrecy: What Are They Afraid Of?

We could not agree more.

It is the government apparatus that is supposed to be transparent, not the American people.

Our answer to the incredibly stupid question; "If you don't have anything to hide, what are you afraid of?"

We ask you to go to your nearest law library and look around. It may take several years for you to read all the laws that are on the books, most of which you know nothing about. You could be breaking several dozen laws a day, any one of which could be used against you if you should, at some point, be decreed by King George to be his political enemy. (Don't forget, you won't get a lawyer or, maybe, even a trial for years. Yes, it can be done. It has already been done.)

So, you see, everyone has something to fear.

Have you ever put something in an email to a good friend that you wouldn't want published in your hometown Newspaper, let alone, USA today? Then you have something to worry about.

But, besides all that, what I write and say is none of Bush's goddamned business. That is how it has always been, except for that horrible time of cointelpro.

by A BuzzFlash Reader

The GOP claims their wiretap 'reform' should be something any good, law-abiding citizen would support.

They claim, "If you have nothing to hide, then you shouldn't be afraid!"

So, why didn't their corporate oil friends testify to Congress under oath? What were they afraid of?

Why didn't the GOP Attorney General take an oath before HE TESTIFIED BEFORE CONGRESS? What was he afraid of?

Why didn't the GOP V.P. release notes from his energy task force? What was he afraid of?

Why did Arthur Anderson destroy documents related to their accounting of Enron? What were they afraid of?

Why did emails from this GOP administration suddenly DISAPPEAR during the CIA undercover leak investigation? Who is afraid, and what are they afraid of?

Why did this GOP administration hide both George H. W. Bush's and Reagan's presidential papers?

What are they afraid of?

What other things are they hiding? How afraid should WE AMERICANS be of more GOP secrecy and corruption?

The GOP is abusing their position in Washington. We cannot wait for them to leave office. WE need to do whatever is necessary to get rid of them, and of the next generation of flunkies they are shaping in their religious indoctrination mega-centers.

This is what they are afraid of.

A BuzzFlash Reader


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