Monday, February 06, 2006

The Hearing

Well, that was all very interesting, but are we better off than we were 8 hours ago?

What I learned from the Hearings:

From Senator Sessions of Bible Belt Alabama: There are no civil rights in heaven. I was shocked, I tell you, just shocked.

From Alberto; Congress can all go Cheney themselves, because while we might be just slappy-happy to hear their ideas, we really don't give a royal crap (pun intended) what they think. We are gonna do as we damn well please.

From 9/11 widow: Osama is going to get us.

From several Democrats: The administration is filled to the brim with liars and none of us trust you not to go through our garbage at night.

From several Republicans: Well, yeah, the Bushites broke the law, but we will gladly forgive them if they will just get with the program and let us play too.

From several other Republicans: The very idea of Osama bin Laden makes us piss our collective pants and want to burn the Constitution if it will keep those scary Muslims away from us.

And finally, from Alberto again: No. You can't play. Don't ask us again. You are all irrelevant little piss-ants, unless, of course, we are protecting you, then you are very important little piss-ants, but only then.

Since 9/11 we have all been the victims of a huge protection racket. When are people going to wake up and smell the Texas cow shit.


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