Thursday, February 16, 2006

Impeachment: How to impeach Bush without the House Judiciary Committee

Update 04 Feb 2006: There is real traction for state action Click -- States can force the House. A state proclamation means the voters have 9 months to digest what the Congress has or has not done to [a] assert rule of law; [b] subdue the President's rebellion against Constitution; [c] honor their oath to protect the system of checks and balances; or [d] credibly discuss lawful remedies [ removal ] to tame this President's continued disregard for the rule of law.

The State proclamation on impeachment forces the Congress to face this issue -- and the voters will have time to evaluate their "non response to" or "complicity with" the rebellion. Congress cannot "let it slide" until after the mid-term election. If the issue is "left to slide," the voters will have options at the State level, and can publicly debate this issue in their local communities/legislatures/assemblies over who they trust to assert the rule of law. Those in Congress who fail to assert their oath, and timely address this issue in the Summer of 2006 will have to face a fully knowledgeable voting electorate who knows what the Constitution says, and what the Congress has failed to do.

Update 01 feb 2006 Highly recommended: Here is the quick version of the following information: Click here.

This blogspot shows you the discussion related to the State Proclomatins. Click here if you want a summary of what is giong on, and what you can do at your local state level to share this information with your friends.

The links agove will guide you to how this is done, and what you can do to tell the Joint Staff to stop their rebellion against the Constitution.

Update 27 Jan 2006

Here is the link on how to approach the Senate rules in a new way, and start an effort to cratively protect the Senate filibuster rule.



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