Monday, February 06, 2006

Plan creates problems for mentally ill

WASHINGTON, Feb. 6 (UPI) -- Confusion over the government's drug prescription plan seems to be particularly hard on the mentally ill, causing them to go without the drugs they need.

Mental health service providers and advocacy groups are worried that scores of the nation's estimated 2 million mentally ill who received both Medicare and Medicaid are at high risk of relapse, reports The Washington Post.

"The continuation of medications is absolutely critical to keep them in community living," Steven Sharfstein, president of the American Psychiatric Association, told The Post. He said

The report said the mentally ill are nearly one-third of the "dual eligibles" who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid because of income and disability or age.

But the new plan often forces beneficiaries to switch from their usual pharmacies to different locations and strange faces. One expert said such changes can have a huge effect on someone with few coping resources. As a result, some patients have found they have no insurance -- and have either run out of pills or rationed their medicine because they feared they would be left without, the report said.


So,'s an idea. Lets load up all the paranoid psychotics, irritable Depressives, manics and such (much more of Bush and there will be enough for a 4 or 5 million nutcase march) and bus them to to Washington D.C. and then let nature take its course.

(Please do not be offended. We are nuts too. Most people are. They just haven't been caught yet!)


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