Monday, February 06, 2006

What John says, and Senator Sessions is a low-life SOB

How low can the Republicans go? Pretty low. Sessions and Cornyn are holding a press event with a family members of the pilot of the American Airlines jet that flew into the Pentagon. And Sessions literally said that there are 3,000 Americans who no longer have civil rights. So, that means, we throw everybody else's civil rights out the window? I can't believe we're being lectured to about civil rights from two Southern Republicans. Astounding.

And, interestingly, the co-pilot of that flight didn't have civil rights when he was alive - he was gay - I'm guessing Sessions and Cornyn aren't too worried about him.


Alberto continues to be a led witness.

Just now he is talking about all the presidents who broke the FISA laws, before they were even in existence.

Historians have come out, over the weekend, and said that most of what Alberto is saying is a crock.

Surprise! Surprise!

Why can't someone advise Alberto that the fact is: We, the people, do not trust this administration to spy on anyone in the U.S.

When you lie to us, over and over, we tend to lose faith in you; all of you.


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