Thursday, February 16, 2006

Coulter will, apparently, vote anywhere she pleases


Ann's got some problems:

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections records show Coulter voted last week in Palm Beach's council election. Problem is: She cast her ballot in a precinct 4 miles north of the precinct where she owns a home — and that could be a big no-no.


Here's the sticky part for The Right's Lady Macbeth: She wrote down an Indian Road address instead of Seabreeze on her voter's registration application. And she signed to certify the information as true.

"She never lived here," said Suzanne Frisbie, owner of the Indian Road home. "I'm Ann's Realtor, and she used this address to forward mail when she moved from New York."


No matter, Florida statutes make it a third-degree felony to vote knowingly in the wrong precinct. Lying on a voter's registration can cost up to $5,000 and five years behind bars.

So, when are we going to see a prosecution?

Senator Byrd on the shredding of the Constitution

…We cannot continue to claim that we are a nation of laws and not of men if our laws and, indeed, even the Constitution of the United States itself, may by summarily breached because of some determination of expediency or because the President says “trust me.”

…In the name of “fighting terror” are we to sacrifice every freedom to a President’s demand? How far are we to go? Can a President order warrantless house-by-house searches of a neighborhood, where he suspects a terrorist may be hiding? Can he impose new restrictions on what can be printed, broadcast, or even uttered privately, because of some perceived threat to national security? Laughable thoughts? I think not. For this Administration has so traumatized the people of this nation -- and many in the Congress -- that some will swallow whole whatever rubbish that is spewed from this White House, as long as it is in some tenuous way connected to the so-called war on terror.

…I plead with the American public to tune-in to what is happening in this country. Please forget the political party with which you may usually be associated, and, instead, think about the right of due process, the presumption of innocence, and the right to a private life. Forget the now tired political spin that, if one does not support warrant-less spying, then one may be a bosom buddy of Osama Bin Laden.

…There is a need for a thorough investigation of all of our domestic spying programs. We have to know what is being done, by whom, and to whom. We need to know if the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act has been breached, and if the Constitutional rights of thousands of Americans have been violated without cause.

…I want to know how many Americans have been spied upon. I want to know how it is determined which individuals are monitored and who makes such determinations. I want to know if the telecommunications industry is involved in a massive screening of the domestic telephone calls of ordinary Americans. I want to know if the United States Post Office is involved. I want to know if the law has been broken and the Constitution has been breached.

Top 10 reasons why you should buy NSA Echelon Mustard

NSA has a new blend of mustard, Echelon: And this is why you should buy it

10. The Joint Staff likes to cook up a sweet tune of legality -- but we know the truth -- they're war criminals, and write stupid notes in violation of DoD orders. Echelon makes the bad stuff sweet, even though it's bad.

9. Even though it's the NSA's toy, it's our Constitution. You can vote to support the Constitution, or you can vote to let the NSA roll over you dog. Do you care? Of course not, so have some Echelon, and smile: We've got your name.

8. With the right kind of hand waving, you can make anything look legal -- just don't ask us where our hands are. They're covered with Echelon brand mustard.

7. If you buy the Bush non-sense about the NSA, you may be in rebellion. So have some Echelon, it will make that prison gruel palatable.

6. The NSA disaster irritates Republicans because . . we'll they’re republicans. What do you expect when flying in a HC-130 over Afghanistan, in a cargo box?

5. NSA claims to be non-partisan. Are you kidding, they get paid to lie. But not Echelon, it tells the truth even about the Joint Staff's illegal orders.

4. The NSA knows the truth about the military’s support of the President's rebellion. Even though they have jobs, it doesn't mean that the GCHQ can't monitor the Joint Staff for war crimes. GCHQ can monitor the food you eat, so behave!

3. Even though Bush won in 2004, it didn't mean that he was actually following the law. He just lied alot, and fooled alot of people. But he's got Echelon mustard, and that's all that counts.

2. Unlike Stalin's clear position on torture, Bush can't make up his mind whether he's for or Against Democracy. If it’s Democracy imposed by force -- it's good if it’s in Iraq; but if it's Democracy imposed by ballots, it's bad if it's connected to Hamas. Where's that Echelon?

1. Who knows, in a few years, they might get out of jail. And Echelon will be there.

Next time you want some mustard, think NSA Echelon. It's the stuff that makes America's fascism taste great, even if you're a Judiciary Staffer who can't find a real job in the food business.
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NSA monitoring prior to 9-11

How this revelation destroys the President's credibility

The NSA was directed prior to 9-11 to increase surveillance, raising questions about what the President has reported to Congress since his election.

Now that we know the President directed unlawful surveillance prior to 9-11, we know the President's public statements about the "inherent authority" he got from Congress in the wake of 9-11 are a sham excuse.

Bush selectively uses information to violate the laws, but he can't use information to effectively lead.

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Impeachment: How to impeach Bush without the House Judiciary Committee

Update 04 Feb 2006: There is real traction for state action Click -- States can force the House. A state proclamation means the voters have 9 months to digest what the Congress has or has not done to [a] assert rule of law; [b] subdue the President's rebellion against Constitution; [c] honor their oath to protect the system of checks and balances; or [d] credibly discuss lawful remedies [ removal ] to tame this President's continued disregard for the rule of law.

The State proclamation on impeachment forces the Congress to face this issue -- and the voters will have time to evaluate their "non response to" or "complicity with" the rebellion. Congress cannot "let it slide" until after the mid-term election. If the issue is "left to slide," the voters will have options at the State level, and can publicly debate this issue in their local communities/legislatures/assemblies over who they trust to assert the rule of law. Those in Congress who fail to assert their oath, and timely address this issue in the Summer of 2006 will have to face a fully knowledgeable voting electorate who knows what the Constitution says, and what the Congress has failed to do.

Update 01 feb 2006 Highly recommended: Here is the quick version of the following information: Click here.

This blogspot shows you the discussion related to the State Proclomatins. Click here if you want a summary of what is giong on, and what you can do at your local state level to share this information with your friends.

The links agove will guide you to how this is done, and what you can do to tell the Joint Staff to stop their rebellion against the Constitution.

Update 27 Jan 2006

Here is the link on how to approach the Senate rules in a new way, and start an effort to cratively protect the Senate filibuster rule.