Saturday, May 14, 2005


Greeting all

I imagine everyone has been keeping up with the latest on The Memo, Bolton and the rest...

Sickening, for the most part.

Hope everyone got the news that the News and Commentary Blog will be giving much focus to 9/11 and the Second Wave of Truth Seeking, which may well bring about "the summer of truth."

Our Kiwi friend says that the odd years throughout the decade will be the rough ones:

  • 2001 - 9/11 and the invasion of Aghanistan.
  • 2003 - the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, after outrage around the world, about a war built on Deception and, what the NeCons hope will be, a 50 years war, off which certain industires become obscenely wealthy.
  • 2005- ? No one knows, but it is out hope that the upheaval this year will be caused by an explosion of Truth, about 9/11 and the constant deception of the American people ever since, with trumped evidence against Saddam, politically motivated orange alerts and routine videos from Osama, and his second, at the most convenient times for BushCo.
  • 2007 - ? This may well depend on what happens in 2005. If the truth remains unrevealed to the masses, 2007 could well be the beginning of the end for life as we know it on this planet. By 2012, there will not be a population problem, and there will be plenty of resources, for those who are left.

Thoughts to ponder....


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