Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hello All

I honestly did not think I would have time for another blog, but I think I am going to like this. A good way to unwind after all news, all the time.

Usually by this time of night I have one thought, well, at least one, that is a real nagger.

Naggers can be hard to turn off.

Writing has always helped with the naggers.

This will be good.

Except for the obvious fact that it is also around this time of night that I start thinking in minimal word sentences; synaptic firing is irregular and, well, minimal.

What have we wrought, what have we claimed....?

caused my mind to sort of come to a screeching halt.

K. and I were talking about just that only a few days ago, before the decison was made to take on another blog, so it was before the post asking the questions. Those questions really start me on the path to the past, in my mind.

Maybe we are all tuning in; if not dropping out, yet, eh?

I was just reading some old files, over the weekemd; sorting and house cleaning.

Osmond's research, several articles by Grof, Leary, Lilly, J. Houston, and R.D. Lang, of all people. This caused me to go in search of tapes; Ram Dass; the early years. I have a set of his tapes, that cover a very long span of time; from the first time he came home from India after finding his guru, until the early 90's. I listen to them when I travel, or when my eyes are too tired to read.

The point is, the trip down memory lane loosed my mind to wander, and wander it did, though not unconsciously (most of thetime, he he he..).

Since the early days after 9/11, I have felt pulled into that time, again. So, apparently, have many others, my age. The revolutionary 60's, that time period, begining shortly before Kennedy was assassinated and fading away, around the time Richard Nixon left office, right ahead of impeachment and trial by the senate.

At least, that is how I perceive it.

That time period and the people who lived it all out, with such intensity, yes, but real beauty of heart, mind and spirit, as well, have been reviled and scorned for so long now, that I sometimes believe that even those of us who lived it, may not be sure of anything about it, by now.

Lately, since that era has been linked in many minds to this time of similar catastrophe, I have been paying attention more to the ridicule that is heaped on Hippies, Peaceniks, Rebels, Yippies; John Kerry and Jane Fonda are being demonized again. I actually heard someone call somone else a Communist, just yesterday, because the man said he was questioning Bush policy.

Actually, I found the whole scene rather conforting, as well as disquieting. It assured me that nothing had really changed much, while at the same time warning me that everything has changed, irreparably; actually, there has been a half a revolution, we are about a 180 from where we were back then.

I remember well that none of my crowd would register with any political party, not because we were secretly Communists, though some might have been, to some degree, but rather because most of us trusted neither major political party, so we certainly didn't feel the need to feed any kind of information to the government, which we did not trust either, even if it was only by giving information to one of the Parties.

It was the Basic Trust Issue, Stupid.

It still is.

Those of us who witnessed and/or participated in the beginning of the revolution and are still around for its completion, or its termination, resulting in a very dark peroid, the clouds of which are already gathering and building (noticed now, by most, I would think), are not typical Liberals. We are Liberals who do not trust government, especially when it comes to the protection of the minority, the poor or the little guy.

Doesn't every generation question, to some extent, the hypocricy of the ones before it?
I think so. If they don't, they are not doing their job in an open, evolving society.

(Oh, by the way, Tram said to tell all that it would probably be a good idea for everybody on the mountain to use one post handle.)


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